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Working Together: How’s Your Audio?

Part of a CLVS’s training is to provide great video and audio for our clients. However, we have two clients: the attorney(s) and the court reporter. Yes, I said court reporter. Part of our job is to offer the court reporter some form of audio, whether it be a live feed from our audio mixer or a digital computer file recorded onto an SD card. The better audio we provide, the more court reporters will want and request to work with a CLVS. I’ll get more into the relationship between a CLVS videographer and a court reporter in a moment. First, I want to discuss the importance of the audio.

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The Veterans History Project, the OCRA, and De Bene Esse

In January of 2020, De Bene Esse had the honor of being involved with a joint venture between the Ohio Court Reporters Association (OCRA), the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Ohio, and the Veterans History Project (VHP). Jeff Sindiong, of De Bene Esse Media spent the day in Columbus videotaping the stories of nine veterans of foreign wars for this all important project.

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