De Bene Esse Media provides a full array of legal video services from discovery to trial.

Video Depositions

Videotaping the testimony of a witness to be used later for the case.

Conference - Streaming Video

This allows attorneys to participate in depositions from remote locations. This is especially convenient for attorneys who would otherwise have to travel long distances to attend a deposition.

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Video Syncing

The transcript from the court reporter can be merged with the video from the videographer. The transcript can become a similar to DVD menu for the video. This makes it easy for attorneys to reference the video from the transcript.

Settlement Video

Video that portrays how a family or lifestyle has to cope or change due to a missing or injured victim.

Day In The Life

Video that portrays how the victim’s life has changed, showing their daily routine and the hardships they face as a result of an incident.

Picture-In-Picture (PIP)

The video testimony is combined with the exhibits during a deposition. This allows context to witness testimony in relation to exhibits. It also allows for the jury to see the witness expression in relation to exhibits. This can be a powerful tool for attorneys to use in a court room trial.

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Independent Medical Exam (IME)

Video recording of an actual medical examination.

Court Reporting

We provide court reporting referrals to our clients in all locations and venues in which we operate.